Harmony® for E2open, LLC.

Harmony® was created to bring a modern and intuitive user experience to the E2open supply chain solutions platform. 

In 2017, E2open merged with Steelwedge---a SaaS company focused on Sales & Operations Planning/Integrated Business Planning (IBP) solutions---bringing on board a combination of collaborative sales and operations planning solutions that help customers achieve consistently profitable, execution-ready plans that balance demand, supply and financial goals to facilitate consensus across internal and external stakeholders.
Harmony® is E2open’s supply chain platform that offers a modern and intuitive user experience that utilizes the most robust data integration. It extends across all of the E2open supply chain solutions and enables any and all users across the extended business ecosystem to seamlessly connect, visualize, plan and execute supply chain operations in a closed-loop collaborative manner using real-time information.
A collection of user interface elements from Harmony® 
Examples of Project Harmony's early persona documents.
Migrating Steelwedge's Solutions Into the Harmony Platform
Some of the challenges were:​​
  • Getting quickly on board with the new tools, new personas, processes and Harmony (E2open's enterprise design language)
  • Defining which areas of design should be prioritized in the first release, and planning forward.
  • Identifying major transitional design roadblocks between PlanStreaming's product features and functionalities and Harmony's design guidelines
  • Identifying roadblocks in user research and validation with current Steelwedge customers
Example of Steelwedge's Search behavior before aquisition
Harmonized design screen
Diving Into Other E2Open Solutions
Aside from being an engaging contributor to their top solution called E2SC--geared for supply-chain planning users--I also contributed to their Dashboard redesigns as well as User Settings, Role Management Switch, to name a few.
Examples of Harmonized dashboard design
Examples of Legacy E2Open User Settings Page
Examples of Harmonized User Settings Page
User Roles Change for Harmony
Designing for Pharmaceuticals Inventory Management (Android)
I also had the opportunity to contribute to the design ideations for an inventory management app for a pharmaceutical client.

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