Blume Global (formerly Rez-1) provides the world of logistics with a cloud-based supply chain management solution across all trading partners to facilitate shipment management, container optimization, predictive ETA, and visibility.
I joined Blume in mid 2018 as their Lead Product Designer and hit the ground running from the start. Over the course of my time, the team grew from one to five. As the first designer, I used my visual, interactive, and exploratory skills to break down and understand existing legacy solutions (currently called CarrierGo) as well as balancing priorities over new oncoming products and features (Blume Logistics)

We worked in an extremely agile pace, so I took the initiative to start the Blume Design System very early on and establish a rapid turnaround process that would hopefully facilitate our product team's development efficiency. 
Blume Personas
Our platform mostly focused on three key personas. Deeply understanding what most matters to them, their behaviors, needs and pain points meant having a wide insight as to an array of business benefits.  From early on, I began to canvas our initial users to come up with a persona representation of who they were.
Being in SaaS is both a blessing and a curse because you never run out of challenges and complex problems to solve, but a lot of the information available often comes from the footwork done by your sales teams and marketing teams when it comes to identifying who we are trying to target in order to communicate effectively through our product.
The initial persona types was made up of users with job titles such as asset owner, motor carrier dispatcher, and truck driver. These were not fleshed out as personas, but mostly talked about as "user types". As our business goals began to expand over the course of 2019, a more clear focused profile began to take shape.
Finally, we nailed our top 4 personas and stuck to them.

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